Autonomous Vehicles are taking the Wheel

Thought of as science fantasy a decade ago, it is now reality. It has been a year of major advancements in autonomous driving technology. What is an Autonomous Vehicle? A vehicle which is capable of sensing its environment and navigating without human input. These cars use a variety of techniques to detect surroundings such as radar, lidar, GPS and computer vision.

Tesla with its Model S in Autonomous Mode has clocked in around 70 million miles in different conditions though it is currently facing legal lawsuits relating to reliability of its software. Ride-Hailing startup Uber has tested its Self-Driving Cars on the roads of Pittsburgh and California (Not properly though) and has purchased a company called Otto which hauled 50,000 beers across Colorado with nobody in the truck. Technology giant, Google has been testing self-driving since 2008 and has created Waymo; a stand-alone company for self-driving cars under Alphabet.

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