Song Essentials June ’17

Don’t you all get scolded by your parents about how much time you spend on the net, searching and listening to new songs by new artists? I have always been a music enthusiast and also am a vocalist, guitarist and pianist so multiply the rebuking by three. 😄

The month of June was particularly exciting for me with Imagine Dragons dropping their third album Evolve. It has a series of amazing singles starting with Thunder which ironically was one of the only songs which I didn’t like so much. The song of the month for many was Despacito ft. Justin Bieber but I like the original one more.

There are some songs which I enjoyed listening to and will list them for you. These songs are the not so common ones, I will also talk about the popular but common songs which got a lot of attention. Pun intended.

  • Stick Around – It was a single released by Akon & Matoma and the song gave party vibes every time I heard it and still does with constant bass along with lyrics which actually make sense. I had thought that it would become a party hit but it just didn’t catch on. It is a must-listen.
  • Mama – I recommended it to a friend and he stuck on to that song. Again, a party song, it is by Jonas Blue and its xylophone like tune catches on pretty quick.
  • Bartender – This was my jam for most of these months, dropped by James Blunt. This song has the most beautiful lyrics and you can just imagine sitting next to your friends thinking of all the good memories. The guitar and beats are the subtlest and make the song the most enjoyable.
  • OK – This song was enjoyable and is again one of those party songs with James Blunt singing the vocals and Robin Schulz remixing it. Not one of the fast songs, but it gets your attention.
  • Danza Kuduro – This is a Latin-hit sung by Don Omar and it is one of those dance songs where the music connects but lyrics are just incomprehensible.
  • I Love You – This song’s starting is a beautiful one and the orchestra like chorus parts are amazing while the rest of the song is filled with drum beats and a monotone voice. This is by Axwell \ Ingrosso.
  • Shooting Stars – This may be a very old song but with the pressure of studies mounting, it seems like the perfect song for a break. Owl City has always made amazing songs with insane piano notes accompanied by a low-pitch high bass drumbeat.
  • Verge – This also is an old song by Owl City but again it is just amazing. The drop brings the party vibe and again, this song has that classic Owl City feel and that is why I like it.

Other popular songs include Despacito, the original one, which has got 2.2B views on YouTube. It is just amazing and the catchiest. Attention by Charlie Puth is also an amazing song with Puth’s amazing vocals and that bass guitar and low thumping beats. 2U, a collaboration between Justin Bieber and David Guetta is also a notable song.

The album of the month will definitely be Evolve by Imagine Dragons; the songs are subtle but one can notice a newfound brightness in the album’s songs. Must-listen songs are Whatever It Takes with its rap-kind verse, Believer is also a song with heavy beats, Rise Up is that classic rock song with the rock vocals, Start Over’s for its chorus’ beats and music, I’ll Make It Up To You has a funky beat to it and is one of the best in the album, Walking the Wire is a song with loud vocals and soft bass.

Live Nation Entertainment Imagine Dragons

The best covers to listen to are Tyler & Ryan’s covers of Attention and Whatever It Takes. Here’s a link to their page.

Recommendation by Author – Bartender by James Blunt, Shooting Star by Owl City and Stick Around by Akon & Matoma.

Song of the Month – Despacito by Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee

Album of The Month – Evolve by Imagine Dragons

I use Wynk Music to listen to all the songs an it’s the best if you have an Airtel Sim. This is my first such post and any suggestions are welcome. 👌



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